Loveaholics review

Last Update : March 12, 2018

Loveaholics is a platform that focuses on discreet dating. One of the best dating sites for adventurous singles looking for intimate dates and a unique dating experience.

A perfect site for Kiwi singles who seek to spice up their life with easy-going encounters and expect to have a fun experience with an attractive guy/girl from their area.

All sorts of arrangements can be easily set up after a first contact. In Loveaholics you can make new friends, enjoy a relaxed date, flirt online with other playful singles or find your new playmate! Discover the whole experience of Lovehalics dating right away!

Learn how it works with our Loveaholics Review!

Loveaholics: How does it work?

Loveaholics login

You can register to Love aholics for free and in just a few minutes. The process is really simple and quick!

You’ll be asked to state if your gender, your age, your email address, a password and your postcode. It is really important that you put an email address you have access to, as you’ll receive a confirmation email with a link in order to properly activate your account.

Regarding the postcode, it is also a very important element of Loveaholics login, as you’ll receive matches based on your postcode. So if you’re looking for local singles, make sure you’re as accurate as possible!

Once you received the confirmation email, you’ll see you’ll either be able to activate your Loveaholics account by clicking on the link or by copying and pasting the code they provide you.

As soon as you activate your account, you’ll be redirected to the homepage.

A window will pop up asking you to complete some additional information about yourself:

  • Your username: the name other users will see
  • Your status: you can write a few sentences about what you’re looking for, your main characteristics or anything else you’d like to share with other users.
  • What you’re looking for: here you’ll have the chance to state if you’re looking to meet a man or a woman as well as their age range.
  • Postcode: finally, you’ll be asked to confirm your postcode in order to ensure the best possible dating experience.

Loveaholics sign in

Before you fully complete your account, you’ll also be asked to upload at least one picture of yourself. Keep in mind that profile pictures are really important as they not only allow other users to understand a bit more who you are but they are also an essential element when it comes to showing that your profile is qualitative.

Actually, Love aholics recommends to upload a profile picture as only users with picture will show on the search results, and also because, as the dating site states, women don’t tend to respond to profiles without a picture.

Regarding the profile picture you should also note the following instructions:

  • Loveaholic profile picture: the format should be no less than 320 x 320 px and smaller than 8 MB. (formats accepted are jpeg and png).

Loveaholics Dashboard: how to find singles

Once you’ve finished those two previous steps, you can start contacting all the profiles that seem interesting to you, independently if you’re looking for a temporary adventure or for any other kind of dating experience.

At this point you are officially part of the community, you can get yourself entertained by joining chatrooms full of singles looking for their next flirt.

You’ll see in the top hand right on the page a menu with all the features you can use. We’ll talk more about Loveaholics features later, however, we’d like to point out the search option.

Loveaholics search filter is a great tool to make the most of your dating experience. You’ll be able to change at any point, the gender you’re looking for, the age range of even the postcode. You can also add some additional filters like the option to only check profiles with pictures, or just the ones that are online at the same time as you.
You can also modify your sexual orientation, and detail as much as you want the kind of profile you’re wishing to meet.

Among the specifications you can include in the search filter, you’ll find: ethnicity, status (married, divorced, single, etc), eyes’ color, hair color, tattoos, religion, drinking habits, smoking habits, education, income, physical appearance, etc.

If you find great matches, you can start exchanging some pictures or arranging a real date with other Loveaholics addicted to flirting. Initiating a sultry romance is in your own hands!