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Dating in Napier

Last Update : August 20, 2019 by Jade

Napier is one of the most romantic, and friendly coastal cities in New Zealand. A great place to start NZdating!

The city, located in Hawke’s Bay, has grown in the past decades, especially after the 1931’s earthquake and posterior urban rebuilding, becoming a great dynamic area. A perfect place to start meeting new people.

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The city annually welcomes thousands of singles from all over the country seeking to meet charming local singles while discovering the Napier’s hidden gems.

Do you want to find love in Napier? Check out some of our dating advice:

Singles in Napier: Cultural events to connect with locals, and meet singles

There are many events where you can meet and mingle with other interesting singles in Napier.

This city is a vibrant place where you can find plenty of activities for both single women and single men.

  • The legendary Tremains Art Deco Weekend, which is held every February, is the perfect occasion to meet new people, and find potential matches!

It has become one of the most attractive attractions in Napier, but also in New Zealand.

  • Thousands of Kiwi singles visit the city during this time just to contemplate the iconic Pania of the Reef, Napier’s very own “version” of the Copenhagen’s little mermaid, but mostly to meet other singles, flirt, meet people and enjoy the friendly atmosphere.

The city hosts many activities like free outdoor concerts, thematic dinners, and picnics, so your chances to meet a special someone are really high!

Alternatively, you can attend the F.A.W.C!

It is a bi-annual event where you can taste the best foods, and wines from Hawke’s Bay or the Mission Estate Winery Concert, where you will be able to interact with local singles, while enjoying some of the best local music acts!

Romantic date ideas in Napier

If you have already met your perfect match and you want to prepare an unforgettable date, here are some ideas!

NZdating #1: Surprising your loved one with a date in The National Aquarium

Why not to take the opportunity of being in one of the most touristic seaside cities to connect with your date by contemplating the most beautiful marine life in the area?

A visit to Napier’s National Aquarium is a must, as you and your date can have a relaxed walk, and conversation across a 50m acrylic tunnel, where you will have the chance to dig in the Pacific Ocean, and watch different tropical fishes, and other marine species like water dragons as well as coral reefs ecosystems.

Nzdating #2: A day to enjoy a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean, and a winery visit

If what you are looking at is an adventurous date, a trip to the Cape Kidnappers will do the trick!

You and your date can get romantic and communicate your inner feelings while watching the spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean (and also enjoy some birdwatching!).

Then, you can take the romance to one of the many vineyards in the border with Taradale.

You can try a tour of the winemaker facilities, and sample some of the finest Estate range wines accompanied by local foods like cheese, jam, and some crackers!

This is a great way to seduce your significant other: with a delicious meal at one of the most wonderful spots in Napier!

The city of Napier has a great offer for those singles who want to meet other Kiwi men and women in the search for love, and also for couples who seek to emotionally bond, while enjoying a day out in one of the most charming places in New Zealand!

Joining a Matchmaker dating service in Napier

As we said before, Napier is a very active city with a very active community. One of the best ways to get in touch with people is undoubtedly by joining an online dating site.

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*Photo by Brackish_nz.