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Find the best Matchmaking NZ sites

Matchmaking NZ (also called affinity dating in New Zealand) helps you find suitable a long-term partner thanks to advanced matching tests that evaluate different aspects of your personality.

If you’re looking for like-minded singles, you’ve found the right place!
Check out our ranking with the best Matchmaking dating sites in New Zealand!

Matchmaking NZ has become very popular in recent years thanks to the great advances in technology and dating algorithms. Many of successful love stories are the proof of that!

Meeting your significant other has never been so easy!

If you want to find your soul mate, true love or even to start a lasting romance, we encourage you to take a look at the most popular matchmaking dating sites NZ that we have carefully selected for you.
Start meeting like-minded singles from all over New Zealand right away and find your perfect match!
Be part of the NZ dating revolution!

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main features
overall rating
membership base
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  • Successful and well-educated singles
  • High-quality, checked profiles
  • Ideal for 35+
9.8 / 10
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300'000 singles
ideal age35+


  • Dedicated to serious affinity dating
  • Attentive matchmaking approach
  • Ideal for 40+
  • High quality profiles
9.4 / 10
[ Read review ]
200'000 singles
ideal age40-70


  • Serious dating site for singles over 50
  • Affinity matchmaking
  • 10 contacts guaranteed
8.6 / 10
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140'000 singles
ideal age50+

Academic Singles

  • A unique matchmaking system
  • High quality personality profiles
  • Aimed at educated New Zealanders
7.5 / 10
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120'000 singles
ideal age30+

Matchmaking NZ in Auckland

When you aim at building a serious relationship, you hope to meet someone to share your many interests with, the same lifestyle, and the same values. After all, love is also friendship and sharing life together.

Even though people use to say that “opposites attract each other”, the truth is that the more you have in common with someone, the more chances you have to find single people and connect with a great match! That’s exactly the criteria that matchmakers use to find compatibility between users.

Register to Elite Singles NZ for free!

Find your special someone with a matchmaking NZ site!

A lot of dating sites have chosen a matchmaking approach in order to improve the results of successful long-lasting relationships.

These matchmaking sites use scientifically proven algorithms to match users who have similar or compatible personality types, lifestyle, religious beliefs, life values, personal preferences, etc. Once you’re matched it’s up to you to start a conversation!

This accurate way of matching singles can really increase your chances of meeting someone who may be highly compatible with you. That’s the first step to start a promising meaningful relationship!

Are you prepared for first dates?

Check out the new social media dating with Zoosk NZ!

With matchmaking NZ, find long-lasting relationships with genuine affinity

In recent years, with the growth of dating websites and the dating scene, it has turned out to be easier, and more comfortable for single people to find a lifetime partner. But there also have been some downsides: many matchmaking sites have started to be created… and yes, it is sometimes hard to know which one to choose.

Our ranking of the top matchmaking NZ  sites reflects the best affinity sites you’ll be able to find in the market. We encourage to check our matchmaking sites reviews.

You’ll find in them all the information you need to know to make the best possible decision!

Check out our Elite Single Review, or even how Zoosk’s matchmaking algorithm works or Academic Singles prices.

This selection classifies the dating sites by affinities that have succeeded in our “quality” assessments, in that way, we hope to help you find the perfect dating website for you.

Nonetheless, it is important to highlight that this ranking is subjective, and we do not claim to have compiled an exhaustive list.

The websites in our ranking are, in our view, the top and most effective dating sites.

If you are a delicate or romantic person you will certainly find a person alike through one of these affinity dating sites.

How do matchmaking NZ dating websites work?

A matchmaking service works in a similar way as any other classic dating sites, but singles in these platforms, besides being connected taking into consideration details like location, age, or interests, they are also linked to users with a matching personality.

The aim of matchmaker site is to help single people looking for love find their soul mate or their true love.

The first thing you need to do when you join one of this sites is to take a personality test, which evaluates features like for example your behavior with others or your curiosity, and then the results are used to introduce you to users who are highly compatible with you.

If you are a fearless spontaneous single woman from Wellington in the search of your ideal man, you can find plenty of interesting, and adventurous single men in your area thanks to this advanced matchmaking technology.

Basically, the objective of these matchmaking sites is to connect Kiwi singles taking into account their personality type so they don’t have to undergo extensive searches before finding interesting local singles.

Start finding love right away!

Matchmaking NZ personality test

Affinity is essential for the success of serious relationships

If you want your relationship to work it is essential to have a certain degree of connection with your partner.

It is only when you are truly compatible when you can easily communicate with each other and create a sense of harmony. One of the pillars of a strong long-term relationship.

Being suitable with your partner doesn’t only mean sharing the same hobbies, or having compatible personalities. There are many other ways to measure affinity but your dating profile will be the most important part for other users to understand more about you.

That’s exactly the job of matchmaking personality tests: they help Matchmaking dating sites to evaluate their users’ personality types and also assess other features like behavior, and relationship aspirations for example in order to create matches.

Searching for Physical affinity on a matchmaking NZ dating site

The chemistry between to individuals is called physical affinity. What is commonly known as a couple’s chemistry!

When you register to a matchmaking site it is very important to tell a little bit about yourself, especially to talk about your preferred physical type, if you have one.

Looks are not always important. At least they should never be the 100% reason to make a choice. Although it is an important element when it comes to starting to flirt with other singles.

But don’t worry, there are some tricks! For example, if you want to make sure you attract more people on a dating site, make sure you select your best photos.

But remember! the more real you look like and the more truthful your pictures are, the best it will be for your overall matchmaking journey!

Entering into the world of Matchmaking NZ: Intellectual, and social affinity

Social, and intellectual affinity refers to aspects such as having similar interests or even similar studies.

Matchmakers, like any other classic dating site, also connect users considering the activities they love to do in their spare time for example. Therefore, do not forget to tell a little bit about your favorite hobbies. If you do so, it will be easier to find other singles who love to do the same things as you do and chat about your similarities.

After all a meaningful love life is based on compatibility!

Check our blog with dating advice to learn more about our romantic tips to find attractive singles online!

Internal affinity

The last stage refers to the internal affinity: when you and your partner share the same values and you both have the same life objectives in mind.

When you have common aspirations it is easier to communicate and understand each other, especially in those moments when you argue or have a contradictory perspective on a particular matter.

Healthy relationships are the ones where both parts want the same things and most importantly when both parts have the same perspective on life.

A successful couple works every together to achieve their goals in life.

If you include a captivating description in your online matchmaking profile stating what your ideal idea of a relationship would be, trust us, your chances to find the right person for you will substantially be increased!

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