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Years ago, finding your ideal partner and starting a serious relationship after crossing the barrier of 40s was quite an adventure, perhaps even a challenge! Nowadays, it has become very popular and much easier thanks to online senior dating sites. We want to help you search for your significant other, that's why we have carefully selected for you the Best Senior Dating Sites in New Zealand. Are you ready to give love a second chance? Check it out!


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9.8 / 10
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40'000'000 singles
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Finding love after 40s

Embarking on a new relationship in your +40s is a really great idea. Years ago, when you reached that age, if you were unattached because you were single, divorced or widowed, and you wanted to find a new partner with whom to initiate a love story, was not socially accepted.
Nowadays, the dating game is different, and what was considered unusual back then, basically trying to have a romance after reaching maturity, now it is something that is conventional. In fact, people believe that it is very healthy to give love another chance, regardless you age. Love has no limits, not even when it comes to age!
Many experts in dating, and relationships agree that the 40s are the new 20s, they are like a “second adolescence” where people experience some emotional, mental, and physical changes, so, undoubtedly, it is a good opportunity to enjoy love -if you already are in a long-term relationship- or to try all your best to find it!
Senior dating websites have become a really good tool for those mature men, and women who want to find their soul mate.

Benefits of initiating a serious relationship after reaching the 40s

As it happens with any issue concerning romantic relationships, starting a new relationship when you are over 40s has many advantages, and disadvantages, but if you take into account that the main goal is to walk the path with someone that could become the love of your life, undoubtedly, this is a risk worth to be taken.
So, what are the positive aspects of seeking your perfect match, and getting involved in a long-lasting relationship after turning 40?
To start with, there is experience. Usually, people that age have a well-furnished head, and clearly know what they want in life, after so many years of experiencing love in all of its “forms, and shapes”. Maturity, and easiness to communicate with the other play a key role in here as well.
There is also a certain financial, and professional stability as well as an emotional balance: it is not time for time-wasting games, and playing with the other’s emotions, that period expired years ago. It is the perfect moment to get down to business, and give love a second chance.

How do senior dating sites work?

Senior dating websites are similar to classic dating platforms, but their audience is completely different, the age range is not the same, but the intentions are: connecting like-minded singles that live in the same area, and who are looking someone special to initiate a new love story.
The interface used on some of these dating platforms usually is more intuitive, these sites mainly are easier to use, and include features specially designed to make your online experience more efficient, fun, and comfortable as possible.

Grab other users’ attention with a top-notch dating profile

Once you register to the platform, you just need to complete your profile with some interesting details about you, and add your best photos, so in that way it will be easier to grab the attention of other users.
You can use the advanced search tool to find men/women living in the same area, and that belong to your same age range, and who also share your same interests, similar hobbies, and the same relationship goals.
Then, just break the ice, and get in touch with those users who have caught your attention. The goal is to get a first date! From there, it is up to you two to decide where love takes you!

Senior matchmaking websites

You will find some senior dating sites that have been created with the objective of connecting men, and women over 40s, taking into account traits of their personality.
When joining one these platforms, you have to take a scientifically-proven test or questionnaire that defines which one is your personality type. These dating sites then use your results to connect you with people who also want to embark on a serious relationship, and who are highly compatible with you.
Thus, if for example, you are a 55-year-old man living in Wellington, who loves adventures, hiking, and have an artistic character, these dating sites will connect you with women who have the same age, who live close to you, who share the same interests, and who have a matching personality type.

Which is the best senior dating site for you?

There are dozens of dating sites in New Zealand, and sometimes it can be difficult to choose one that really meets you needs, so this why we have tested them, and created this ranking with the best dating sites in the market; we just want to make your search for love easier.
In this ranking, and in our reviews you will find all the necessary information you need to know about the best senior dating sites in the market, details about how these platforms work, what special features they have, prices, and any other important characteristics that can make your date experience unique.
In such way, the only thing that you would need to take care of is to select the platform that you think suits you best, and once you register, simply enjoy the adventure of finding that special someone!