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Discover the Best Serious Dating Sites NZ

NZdating is about finding a potential partner online to start a serious relationship is way easier now than ever!

This page is dedicated to single Kiwis looking for a long-term and serious relationships in New Zealand.

Our goal is to help single women and single men easily find love online!
Discover our ranking with the Best Serious Dating Sites NZ and find your perfect match straight away!

All these dating services have been tested and verified!

Start your love journey now and find your like-minded match!

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  • Successful and well-educated singles
  • High-quality, checked profiles
  • Ideal for 35+
9.8 / 10
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200'000 singles
ideal age35+

  • Free Registration
  • Available on social networks and mobile
  • video instant messaging on top
  • Perfect for 25-45
9.7 / 10
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400'000 singles
ideal age25-45


  • Dedicated to serious affinity dating
  • Attentive matchmaking approach
  • Ideal for 40+
  • High quality profiles
9.4 / 10
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200'000 singles
ideal age40-70


  • Serious dating site for singles over 50
  • Affinity matchmaking
  • 10 contacts guaranteed
8.9 / 10
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140'000 singles
ideal age50+

Academic Singles

  • A unique matchmaking system
  • High quality personality profiles
  • Aimed at educated New Zealanders
8.6 / 10
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120'000 singles
ideal age30+

Serious Dating sites NZ: Finding long-lasting love online

Nowadays, you’ll probably agree with us, Online dating sites have become very popular when it comes to helping compatible singles in their pursuit of a serious relationship.

The aim of serious dating sites NZ is to help you find a potential partner so you can both start a strong and passionate long-term relationship as well as to share some of the best dating tips with you.

Are you looking for a lifetime partner or a romantic friend to rely on?

Discover and Choose the best site for you from our selection of serious dating sites NZ.

NZdating can a really fun way of finding your true love, a special someone, ot simply a great and efficient way to meet new people.

Lots of couples have found love through an online dating service. Technology, algorithms, personality tests and developed profiles have turned out to be the perfect combination when it comes to finding love or a meaningful partner.

Our ranking has been carefully made taking into consideration various criteria: from the quality of the profiles to the general feel of the website as well as their honesty or their safety.

Make your choice via our ranking above, and get ready to find love!

How do serious dating sites NZ work?

Serious dating sites are very defined because they are aimed at single men and women from all over New Zealand in the search for a great and lasting love story. Basically, as the name says so: singles looking for something serious!

These dating platforms link single Kiwis taking into account different aspects like age, location, academic level or interests. On top of that, the best dating websites put at their users’ disposal great tools to help them communicate, chat, or even starting messaging with local singles.

When it comes to matching, finding romance and falling in love with the perfect match every single detail counts!

There are serious dating sites for singles from any kind of background. As such, you’ll also find different serious dating sites targeted for specific singles. Such is the case of senior dating.

Indeed, mature singles have it easy nowadays too! Looking for love after the 50s? Looking to give love a second chance? No problem, online dating has thought about everybody!

Create an attractive dating profile to grab other users’ attention on a serious dating NZ site

First impressions matter! So, make sure that your online dating profile presents the best version of yourself.

Keep in mind that in order to caught other users’ attention you should write a captivating ad. If you don’t really know how don’t worry. We’ve included in our dating blogs lots of tips to help you create your dating profile, choose the best profile picture, how to write a great description, etc.

Remember that small details always count!

Thus, besides adding interesting information about yourself, you can also describe in a few words how you are, and what you like to do in your spare time. It is also a good idea (and a very important step!) to state what type of relationship you are looking for.

Serious dating requires serious behavior and fun attitude, so be clear, and honest with your intentions. After all, you do not want to waste your time or make others’ to waste theirs!

What we suggest you is to explain how your perfect first date or how your ideal partner would be, so other singles can understand what you’re really looking for.

You can also say something about your uncommon hobbies, as it can be something really attractive!

Give yourself some time to write about what your desired relationship would be. You then probably will only be contacted by those singles searching for the same things.

Serious dating sites NZ & Successful relationships: Sharing the same goals and values

You probably have asked yourself several times if “it really is possible to find love on an online dating site”.

Serious dating websites can really make it happen!

Singles looking for a serious commitment are not afraid to spread out the word and announce that they are actively in the search for a lifetime partner.

Users in these sites take the task of finding love as something serious. They are no time wasters or players, just the opposite. They are very clear, and transparent when saying what they exactly want, and the take the most of their time to properly find the appropriate partner.

Having the same goals in mind as well as sharing some hobbies with your partner, undoubtedly are key to make your relationship to succeed.

Serious dating sites really consider this factor as important, so in that way is easy for you to find the men/women of your dreams if you clearly describe what type of commitment you are looking for.

Check out our ranking! Starting looking for your match!

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