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#Video – Tinder’s day of finding the perfect match

Last Update : September 14, 2017

If there is one day in the calendar specially designed for romance, undoubtedly it is Valentine’s Day.

However, that particular date has a greater significance for the matchmaking platform Tinder, as a recent study showed.

Increase in matches

As you can see in the infographic, the last 14th of February, the famous app experienced an increase of 60% in their matches.

This means that people using the app on that specific day were more likely to “swipe right” on a man/woman who caught their attention.

New Year, new dates

The idea of beginning the new year accompanied by someone special, regardless if in the long run it turns into a serious relationship or it stays casual, it is what attracts to most Tinder users.

On January 3rd 2016 the app saw its busiest day in its five-year history. It seems singles from all over the globe agreed on using the matchmaker that particular day. Tinder did not just saw a growth in the amount of active users, but also in the number of downloads.

Does the rise of activity in significant dates like Valentine’s Day or one so close to New Year’s Day mean that people where actually looking for romance?

Not really! As the video below shows, in spite, Tinder has created an impressive 26 million matches since its existence, and around nine million of them lead to an actual date, only 27% of users where in the search for a significant other.

As results show, the vast majority of people using the app, about 73%, mainly look for having a date that ends up in friendship, or even a hook up.

In conclusion, the most romantic day of the year, Valentine’s Day, for Tinder users is basically an opportunity to find a date that leads to something casual.