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#Video – The Cuffing Season: A great time for romance

Last Update : September 14, 2017

Many people believe that summer is the best season to start a new relationship because they spend more time outdoors and it is easier to meet other Kiwi singles in a more relaxed atmosphere.

However, winter is also a fantastic season to find someone special and start a romance.

Every year there are more and more singles who look for a suitable partner during this time of the year, which has been labelled as The Cuffing Season.

In fact, many couples are created during this time of the year and statistically, singles are more receptive to approaches.

This is why every year, more and more singles take the opportunity to join a dating website to find a suitable partner.

Finding a new partner when the cold weather appears is widely known as The Cuffing Season.

Winter romance: Singles aspire to have a serious relationship, but are afraid of not finding the right partner

We conducted a research and, as it can be seen in the video below, we found out that a great majority of singles (73%) believe that The Cuffing Season exists.

Winter festivities brings people closer and this is a good excuse for many unattached men and women (50%) to be more approachable and more active one their search for a new partner.

New Year’s Eve is, in fact, the day of the year where most people go back to the dating scene.

Despite the many love opportunities that can be found during this season, some singles still are concerned about failing in their romantic life.

Nearly a 33% of unattached men and women are afraid to be alone during this time of the year and one in every four singles worry about not finding a potential partner this season.

This is where dating sites come into play.

Considering that most people are more open to be approached during winter and that, in fact, many singles expect to meet someone to initiate a serious relationship by the beginning of 2017, searching for your significant other on a dating website is not such a bad idea at all!