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#Video – Politics & Dates: Trump vs. Clinton’s supporters

Last Update : September 14, 2017

Clinton and Trump’s supporters have already started the countdown to the US election next Tuesday… For a long time it has been advised to avoid politics on dates, but did you know that a good political chat could boost your chances of a second date by 91%?

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According to a suvery conducted by Singles in America, dating habits can significantly change depending on the political leanings of singles. As such, Clinton’s supporters are 129% more likely to drink wine and 43% more likely to be looking for a serious long-term relationship. On the other side Trump’s supporters are 116% more likely to talk about an ex on a date and 79% more likely to drink beer.

Furthermore, while political apathy would decrease your chances of a date by 35%, political passion equals to 32% more chances of experiencing more orgasms during sex. 

Interestently enough, despite the current divide on the US regarding Clinton and Trump,  79% of American singles would date somebody from a different party although 11% would have more interest in a long-term dating history with a partner with the same ideology.

Finally, Single American women are expected to be a strong political force in next tuesday’s election, and their number one voting interest is equal pay for equal work.

Over 40 million American are getting ready to vote on the 8th of November: this weekend is a great chance to plan a date and use politics as a charming tool!