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Elite singles nz events – How to find great and fun dates in New Zealand

Last Update : June 27, 2019 by Ayana

Are you hoping to meet local singles right away?

Good news! You’re not the only one.

We put the spotlight on the committed and engaged Elitesingles NZ community!

Looking for singles both online and offline: the perfect combination for the jackpot

Nowadays, everybody talks about the great advantages of online dating. And we definitely get it.

We have researched and tested many dating sites in order to create a ranking with the best dating sites NZ (check our dating sites NZ reviews).

In the process, we’ve experienced how some dating sites are not as promising as they seem and how sometimes dating profiles can also be more promising than they end up being.

It is a bit frustrating, we know, but like with everything in life, if you want to get something you’ve got to work for it. Or in your case, as we’ve already done the work for you, you just have to stay tuned and informed!

We could create a very extensive list of all the advantages of online dating (you’re not limited by time, more secure, more effective, etc.) but we’re sure you already know then.

However, we truly believe, from our experience and the success stories we’ve encountered, that the key for a perfect online dating experience relies on also engaging in offline activities.

If offline sounds too technical and a bit weird for you, just think of offline as face-to-face meetings. And by meetings, we mean dates, meetups or assisting to dating events.


Discover the Elitesingles NZ events. Dating events organized for singles all around New Zealand.

EliteSingles searching for events in NZ

If you have Elite singles app or if you follow them on Facebook, you’ll probably see all the events they organize all around the world. Although it’s very interesting it can sometimes be a bit tricky to target the events that will be happening near you.

That’s why, from our experience, the best way to stay in the loop of EliteSingles NZ events is to be part of Elitesingles NZ community. 

You’ll see that once you become part of this active community, not only you’ll see all the events being organized near you but even better! You’ll also have the chance to organize them yourself!

For that, you’ll need an Elite Singles to sign in (you can even try the elite singles free trial), then the discovery starts!


Check out EliteSingles free trial!


singles events nz

What are EliteSingles events?

Elitesingles events typically consist on after work drinks (after all, Elitesingles is a dating site for educated professionals), but depending on the city (and the season) there are many other possibilities.

You’ll find events focused on dating for parents, events for gay dating, Asian dating, Christian dating, speed dates… you get the idea, don’t you?

Check out the different dating places in your city!

EliteSingles NZ dating – the perfect tool if you’re looking for local love


You might wonder… what makes EliteSingles NZ events so different and more interesting from other speed dating or singles’ events?


Well, my friend, first because as soon as you sign up to this dating site you automatically become part of a committed community, but also, because as soon as you’re part of Elite singles NZ community, you’ll have direct access to their support service which included expert NZ dating advice from the in-house Psychologist, Salama Marine.

EliteSingles NZ events behind the scene


We’ve participated in some EliteSingles ‘ events around the world and the overall experience was really nice. People were respectful and eager to meet other singles.

However, if we have to outline one single positive characteristic of the event, we would undoubtedly highlight how nice it feels to go to an event organized for a specific singles’ community.

You might wonder: Why does that matter?

Well, from the moment you step in into the event, you know that every single person you’re going to meet will be looking for the same thing as you, whether you call it love, a serious relationship or a meaningful love story.

Does it sound appealing?

Check our EliteSingles NZ Review to learn more or just join right away Elitesingles NZ community!