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What is a casual dating site?

A casual website is a platform where you can find different types of users: from singles to people who already are in an open relationship looking for a casual adventure. If you want to meet other Kiwis and you'd like to experience a one-night stand, have fun with no pressures or to avoid any commitments, then you should try one of the casual dating sites we suggest on our casual dating sites ranking.
  • Check out C-Date, the most popular casual dating site NZ.
You can find all the information you need to know by visiting our C-Date Review. With more than 100 000 users registered only in New Zealand, this dating site is perfect for singles aged 35+, although is also open for all kind of ages.
  • Discover IamNaughty, a great casual dating site with an effective matchmaking algorithm for casual daters.
IamNaughty is a very interesting casual dating site with a very active community of playful singles. If you're looking to spice up your romantic life, you should definitely check our IamNaughty Review.

Casual dating NZ: the start of a new era

Casual dating in NZ is becoming quite popular as many people find this type of datingNZ one of the most adventurous ones. You get to meet local singles and you don't need to be afraid about commitments as you know from the beginning that all users are just looking for the same thing as you. If however, you feel that casual dating might be too bold for you, you should check the different services that serious dating sites or even matchmaking dating sites offer. Don't forget that the beauty of dating sites is that you can tailor you dating journey according to your expectations. DatingNZ has changed a lot in the last years, and nowadays there are not so many taboos around flirting, meeting people and dating. If you're interested in learning how some old-fashioned dating stereotypes are changing, check out our blog section: Dating myth or reality? Debunk all the myths related to casual dating and start to enjoy a free of judgments and exciting dating adventure! You can find all the tools on this site, you just need to choose a dating site and start to explore and meet local singles right away! Discover the enticing world of friends with benefits and enjoy New Zealand in a different way! You can also check our dating blog for more tips on casual dating.   [ Learn more about Dating sites' safety! ]   [ BACK TO FAQ ]