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10 unexpected facts about dating

Last Update : July 8, 2015

There are secrets which must be revealed about the dating scene. There we are!

1 > People wait until the 6th date to deicide whether it will become a serious and exclusive relationship or just something for fun.

2 > Going to the italian restaurant is the #1 favorite activity for a first date.

3  > The “about me” section is the 1st most important criteria for 55% of online daters and then it is the profile picture that matters.

4  > Among the top 5 criteria on dating sites we can find geographical location and age.

5 > 80% of dating sites’ users know a person who found love online.

6 > 10% of dating sites’ userss register on more than 3 dating sites.

7 > 20% of couples who married in 2013 met on the internet.

8 > Women don’t say the truth on their dating profiles about:

–          their weight

–          their overall outlook

–         their age (don’t you dare judging that!)

9 > Men don’t say the truth on their dating profiles about:

–         their  age

–        their height

–         their income

10 > 75% of singles who register on a dating site change their profile picture on Facebook for a more attractive one within 3 days.