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Where to find the perfect man or woman?

Last Update : February 23, 2016

Your  future other half might not be so far away; maybe you just don’t realise that they are there in front of you yet! You might cross paths with them every day without knowing it. You could be dismissing the man or woman of your dreams in many daily situations, take a step back and look at the situation, you might see many opportunities to find love you never expected.

Finding love in the office
Is the new accountant giving you the eye or the project manager regularly inviting you to take breaks with them? They are all just colleagues but have you ever imagined how this relationship could evolve? Many of us do not plan to ignore the fact that they might find soul mate at the office, know however that you spend 70% of your time there… the chances of finding your partner there are therefore very high at your place of work!

Dig up a date in the supermarket
Do you rarely raise your head from your shopping trolley? You could be missing out on your soulmate meeting between the organic fruits and vegetables isle!

Find a partner among your friends friends
This is often a good place to start! Organise a small party with friends and ask them each to bring a potential date. Maybe you won’t meet your gem but you could create multiple situations for your friends to meet someone (and that’s very generous of you).

Do you know your neighbours?
And what if your neighbour is a bombshell and you didn’t even take the time to introduce yourself? It would be a shame to miss a great opportunity!

Leave your smartphone at home
You will see that suddenly you will spend much more tile looking around you, you might attract the attention of others who, like you, want to meet people!