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From Single to In a Relationship During the Holidays

Last Update : December 22, 2015

Being single during the “season to be jolly” isn’t always easy. It’s the time of year where you see all your friends and family at parties with their significant others and can often be reminded that you’re still single. However it is also a great time of the year to find that significant other, so here is our advice on finding that special someone during the holiday season.

1) Say Yes To every invitation
it’s a known fact that around Christmas there are a countless amount of parties. If you’re single this time of year, don’t turn down the opportunity to go to the next party. 1/3 of married couples say they met through family or friends. So surround yourself with positive people and make sure you RSVP yes to as many Christmas parties as you can realistically go to without wearing yourself down.

2) Volunteer
what better time to give back then at Christmas? Get some friends together and find a charity in your area where you can go and volunteer. It will allow you to get out and meet new people.

3) Get in touch with loved ones
in our busy schedules we tend to lose touch with people we care about. Pencil in a time of the week where you will sit down and call not message someone dear to you! Speaking to people that mean a lot to us makes us happier in our day to day lives, and if you’re happy other people notice you more.

4) Make a dating plan
dating sites get an average of approximately 60% increase in activity this time of year as a large amount of people are making New Year’s resolutions. Make yourself a plan with actionable goals such as message five people in the week, or whatever goal seems realistic to you. Get a friend to hold you accountable for it, to make sure you actually stick to your plan.