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Learn the best way to communicate with your partner

Last Update : January 19, 2017

Communication is the core principle of any relationship.

During all the stages of your relationship you would have to learn to read some signs in order to understand what your partner is actually telling you not verbally, but as you start going to a more serious territory, you would also need to be able to clearly communicate with your loved one in order to make your relationship healthier.

Follow these simple steps to improve your communicating skills with your partner.

Express your feelings

The idea is to improve the way you emotionally connect with each other, so do not be afraid to share your feelings with your lover, even if you sometimes may feel that they are not 100% positive. Remember that trust is one of the most important aspects of any relationship, so it is always better to let feelings flow, rather to keep them to yourself.

Is it something about your relationship that is bothering you? Do you want to change something from it? Do you want your partner to take care of something in particular that he/she was not before? Have you got new ideas on how to make your relationship grow stronger? What is making you feel happy, and what is not? If you know at what stage you are in, it will be easier for you to set your goals, solve any problems that may arise, or help each other when it could be needed.

Remember past experiences

Love is about creating unforgettable experiences. Talking about positive experiences you have lived together in the past will bring you two closer, even in the difficult moments. Remembering a previous positive shared experience, is key to reinforce your feelings for each other, but also makes you see clearer any other reasons why you two are together.

Listen carefully to your partner

Having deep conversations with your significant other undoubtedly helps to bring you closer, but keep in mind that very often, talking about insignificant daily things, can have a greater impact. A research carried some time ago by Dr. John Gottman, and Dr. Janice Drives showed that often, “mundane, and often fleeting moments” can make a relationship healthier than having emotional conversations.

Thus, remember to pay attention, and show interest to what your partner says, not only when you are having deepest talks, but also when you are involved in other everyday converstions because you never know when he/she is going to tell you something that can be transcendental for your relationship!