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What do singles really want? Guide to become the ideal partner

Last Update : January 19, 2017

We all grown up with the social conception that when it is time for love we should be looking for the perfect partner, like a prince charming or Scarlett Johansson look-alike to whom live with happily ever after. Films, books, magazines, and TV shows portray relationships in an unrealistic way, giving false expectations about romance.

However, in reality what Kiwi singles look for in a partner are more down-to-earth traits.

The dating website, Elite Singles, which specializes in matchmaking singles taking into account their academic level, conducted a survey few months ago where 10,000 singles from all over the globe shared their views on what the ideal partner would be.

In spite some differences between sexes regarding their expectations on how affection should be shown, how housework should be split, and the ways they would like to be surprised by their partners (62% of men said they would love their partners to wear sexy underwear, compared to 26% of women), a vast majority of singles agreed on common grounds when it comes to what the desired long-term relationship would be.

#Clear communication, and trust

What most singles look for in a potential partner is that they share concerns with the significant other.

Communication is the foundation of all healthy relationships. Being open, and honest with your partner, and sharing your feelings, and future plans together with your loved one are the desired traits in a future lover.

Loyalty, and trust are also key. The ideal is to be with someone who, in spite some basic differences, is mature enough to clearly talk about any issue affecting the relationship, and that also loves the other one, despite his/her imperfections.

#Empathy, and sense of humour

If you know how to make your date laugh, you are halfway to a serious relationship. Most singles look for a man/woman who is fun, and has a positive attitude towards life.

An ideal partner will also be one that is compassionate with others, and is able to put your (and others’) needs first.

#Ambition, and independence

Having a partner that is self-disciplined, and knows what he/she wants in life is another desirable aspect.

Singles also tend to look for a professionally ambitious partner, and, at the same time, someone who is goal-orientated when thinking about them two as a couple.

Being independent, and giving some space to the other part is very important. The ideal is to have some time to communicate with each other, and some time for oneself as well.