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How to be a better kisser

Last Update : January 19, 2017

A great kiss really marks the difference. It can help you get a second date with that men/women you have met on your favourite dating site, make someone instantly fall in love with you, be decisive in a reconciliation, and it is also one of the nicest way to show you long-term partner how much you care for him/her.

On the other hand, a bad kiss can lead your date or, even worse, your relationship to failure.

First kisses are unforgettable!

A research published some time ago in the scientific journal “Evolutionary Psychology” showed that 59% of men, and 66% of women were attracted to their date until they had the chance to give/receive a first peck. An awful kiss can break all the magic.

People usually tend to fondly remember their first kiss or an awesome kiss from their significant other rather than the first time they had a sexual encounter.

Differences on why men, and women kiss

But, are good kissers the best lovers? Kissing is an art, and often it can be difficult to master it. Having a good technique is essential, but also it is finding the right moment to amaze your date with your lips.

There are some substantial differences on the reasons why men, and women kiss.

In dating, the first kiss can be a deal breaker.

Most single women agree on that hypothesis that all they need to know about a man is in a kiss. For them, kissing is as important as any other display of affection in their relationship.

Commonly, when a woman kisses with a man for the first time she is not only permitting him to enter into her private space, but she is also subconsciously evaluating if he is the appropriate candidate to become her next partner.

In most cases, if a single man kisses his date, it seems that the reason behind, as it was proven in the study, it is because he wants to seduce her, and gain access to her bed. Of course there could be some exceptions.

Improve your kissing skills

There is a lot of room for improvement when it comes to kissing your date.

First of all, think about your looks, and take care of your oral hygiene. The taste matters! Bad breath is a really turn off, so make sure you have some mints at a hand!

If it is you taking the lead, ensure to pick the perfect moment to kiss your date. Analyze the person who is standing in front of you. Is he/she flirting with you? Is he/she sending you clear signs suggesting you that he/she wants to be kissed? Remember that you are about to enter that person’s personal space, so make sure it is worth the risk!