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Choose the perfect outfit for a first date

Last Update : July 8, 2015

Your first date is finally planed! To look great and make a good first impression is a real important opportunity to create a strong connection with your date. We are all aware that even if we should not judge a book by its cover, we all do it… So concerning what to wear on a first date, it is simply the same: that’s why we have established some rules to follow.

#1- Dress comfortable

We are not speaking about wearing Crocs, but it’s not necessary to impose yourself high heels, which are going to kill your feet. We just advise you to put on something you like, to feel comfortable, physically as well as emotionally. If you are used to dresses, it’s fine, otherwise, keep on wearing clothes that really fit your personality. Anyway, to feel confident on your first date, the most important isn’t to feel uncomfortable in new outfits which would not have been road-tested before!

#2- Focus on showing your attractive, beautiful self

Clothes are just a distraction. What really matters is to be yourself 100%, and therefore, it’s obvious to feel relaxed to concentrate on being at your best… Don’t you think that a too tight dress would put you in an unfortunate attitude half night? You better do…

#3- Do not exaggerate your style

The rule remains: the best way to attract your date is to look natural. Don’t over-perfume yourself and, ladies, go slowly on make up: your Miss or Mister Right wants to discover your real « you ». We are not talking about your every-day-clothes, but you might have some outfits a bit more elegant, because you must also keep in mind that your date will appreciate that you would have dressed up a little bit for this special occasion.

#4- Cultivate your sense of mystery

What’s the goal of a first date? Definitively to convince your potential partner to go on a second and a third one! So you also have to keep some secrets that must be revealed later… On date number one, you must show how fun, pretty or handsome and how lucky your date is to go out with you. Then, keep the mystery to get him or her interested… Ladies, you can also keep THAT dress for the second or third date, to be sure he deserves it, right?

#5- Dress regarding the occasion

You won’t dress the same for a casual date than for a restaurant diner. It’s essential to plan your first date, don’t let it be a surprise location, Check the weather to be sure to be warm enough, especially if your Rendez-vous is going to occur outside. Anyway, you are not going to put on high heels or a tie to go out for a walk in a park, for a coffee break or even to picnic!