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“First Dates”: The magic of blind dates

Last Update : January 19, 2017

There is something magical about going out on a date for the first time with someone you have met online: the nerves, the preparation, first impressions, the opportunity to discover the background story of a person who, in time, may become your life-time partner…

This is why some time ago, the British TV production company TwentyTwenty created the show “First Dates”. Their goal is to grant singles from all over the UK the chance to enjoy a blind date on a restaurant, and later, the encounter is aired on TV.

The audience can see what happens next, as the couples are interviewed, and asked if they want to see each other again. They can also learn a thing or two about how to master a first date or avoid ruining it.

The program became an instant hit, and soon expanded to other territories. Now it has arrived to New Zealand. But, what have we learned so far about blind dates taking into account the stories we have seen on the TV show?

First impressions really matter

Having interests in common, a compatible personality, and a good conversation is important to make your first date succeed, but, in spite many people will not make that statement in public, physical appearance, and the way you dress for a date (or any other occasion) is crucial! The impression you give on the first 10 minutes of your date will mark the rest of the evening. So, make sure is it a great one!

If you truly are interested in finding a potential partner, you will make all efforts to look astonishing by taking your time to groom yourself, and choosing the perfect outfit.

The attitude can determine your dating success

Once the appearance area is covered, you would have to think about your attitude.

There is always been like a stigma around having a blind date. For many, the idea of meeting a stranger with the intention of having a romantic story was a cause of embarrassment or it was frowned upon.

However, nowadays, it is a natural, and very accepted way of initiating a relationship, and every day there are more people who opt to meet other singles in such way.

If your goal is to find your soul mate, the best is to keep your mind open when you actually go on the date itself. Do not be embarrassed about what others may say about it or do not lose interest in your date too soon. Give the person in front of you the opportunity to know each other during the date.

There would be some times where you initially may not feel completely attracted to your date, but after having a great conversation you may find out that you have many things in common, so do not miss the opportunity to share, and celebrate what could bring you closer!

Of course, if there is 0% chemistry from the beginning, it is pointless to insist on getting involved romantically. Nevertheless, if both of you are having a great time together, despite the lack of attraction, you cannot miss the opportunity to initiate a good friendship!

If it works out, and, in the end, you find your significant other, for sure you will see blind dates as a life changing experience!