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How to Make a Man Laugh

Last Update : February 23, 2016

For men as for women, finding a partner who has a good sense of humour is an important factor when they’re looking for a partner. Go on any online dating profile and 9 times out of 10 you will find the section describing the ideal partner will include “someone who can make me laugh”. But what if you’re not the best at cracking jokes? Or you feel a bit shy on the first date instead of dumbing yourself down to make a man like you, why not make him laugh?

Follow our fool proof tips on how to make a man laugh.

1. Sarcasm –it’s one of the best ways to showcase your sense of humour (and intelligence)! Not only is this witty exchange a great way to flirt and tease each other. It requires you both to of challenge one another and think on the same level. A great way to show him you’re funny and intelligent.

2. Current events – show him that you’re not only interested in celebrity gossip but that you’re also clued into what’s going on around the world. If you’re talking about your day at work make a funny reference to current affairs showing him you’re not only interested in the latest Kardashian scandal.

3. Don’t be afraid to make fun of yourself. We understand you don’t want to come across looking silly, but someone that can laugh at themselves and even make fun of themselves is not only funny but also a really attractive trait to have. Trust us your man will love us for it.

4. Dirty jokes – even if you want to keep your lady like, pristine appearance, crack a dirty joke ow and again. Even if you’re a really feminine woman most of the time, you’ll really take him by surprise and he’ll love you for it!

5. Time your jokes – when telling a joke or trying to be funny, timing is everything! You don’t want to seem like you’re trying too hard or seem insensitive if you’re joke is a bit more risky.

Let your personality shine through, even if you’re not the funniest person this fella has met, you’ll be able to make him laugh if you’re yourself and you use these tips.