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Here’s how to quickly choose the best dating site: Loveaholics vs C-Date

Last Update : March 12, 2018

Loveaholics has recently gained a lot of popularity in New Zealand thanks to its Loveaholics app, however, C-Date is still a veteran when it comes to casual dating sites.

We’ll delve into the different features of each of this interesting dating site with the aim of helping you choose!

First of all, if you’ve read of C-date review and our Loveaholics full review, you’ve probably understood by now what “casual matchmaking” really means.

If you haven’t (we definitely recommend you to take a look so you understand these dating sites better) then you should know that casual matchmakers refer to those dating site that specializes in a more general kind of public. Namely, singles that are not only looking for serious relationships, but also open to all kind of new flirtatious adventures.

That’s exactly what both Loveaholics dating and C Date NZ offer!

But let’s understand a bit deeper the differences between these two!

C-Date NZ, the king of the “one-night-stand”

C-Date is a great place to find like-minded singles. Ie, singles that are exactly looking for the same thing as you. It doesn’t matter how extravagant you might think your expectations are, you might find someone that is into the same thing as you!

If you’re looking for a place to flirt and why not, send erotic messages, my friend, this is your place.

The great thing about C-Date it’s its high levels of anonymity. Whether you’re single or not…you can find the kind of adventure or flirt you’re looking for, no questions asked.

C-date is an international renowned dating site with a big community of very dynamic users.

If you’re not scared of starting to look and asking for what you want, this is definitely your place.

Login to c date is free and really easy as it will guide you through the process whilst helping you at the same time to really understand what you’re looking for.

However, we must say, that if you’re not looking to be very naughty but rather to meet really open-minded singles in order to gauge your chemistry (and perhaps one day turning a friendship into a serious love story), you might find C-date a bit too straight-forward. However, we still recommend you to try the feature C-date search to check for yourself the kind of profiles you might find!

Loveaholics, the fun of dating and flirting with local singles

Loveaholics, contrary to C-Date, is a place in which you’ll find open-minded singles, a bit less naughty, perhaps!

If, as we said, in C-date you’ll find singles that are not afraid of voicing their wildest desires, Loveaholics is another whole world.

First of all, one of the best things about this dating site is the Loveaholics app, we recommend you to check the Loveaholics app analysis we recently did.

With the app, you’ll discover a new form of freedom when it comes to dating.

It is important to say that not all the singles in Loveaholics are looking for serious dating. And that’s actually one of the perks of this site.

If the idea of romance scares you a bit at first, Loveaholics is completely aware of this and so are its users!

We fully recommend trying Loveaholics if you’d like to discover different kind of singles around you (or even on the go if you like to travel!).

New Zealand is such a beautiful place that it would be a shame not to experiment the dating adventure in different cities!

Plus, we’ve already prepared a complete guide to help you find the best spots to start dating in Tauranga, or the best bars to meet singles in Christchurch or even the best romantic spots in Auckland!

Loveaholics is a very dynamic platform that works very similarly to Tinder. Although you don’t swipe right or left you can definitely view lots of profiles and decide the ones you are attracted to.

Once you’ve made the selection, you can start chatting with your potential matches, or if you’re a bit shy, you can send winks and wait for your match to send you the first message.

We know first messages are not always easy but do not fear, it get’s easier with practice! You can always check our dating guide on how to send the first message!

C-date experience versus Loveaholics NZ – between an intimate or a local date?

If you’re not very sure which of these two dating sites is for you, at the end it all comes to the kind of experience you’re hoping to find.

For example, if you’re looking for a one-night stand in Auckland, we would definitely recommend you C-Date, however, if you’re looking for the best app like tinder NZ, or to meet interesting singles near you, we would recommend you Loveaholics.

How to find someone NZ depends on you. You’ve got all the available tools, you just need to decide!

Dating in New Zealand can be a great experience and there are many Tinder alternatives in NZ, however, we would recommend you to stick to trusted and popular dating sites to ensure your safety and the quality of the profiles.

It is true that sometimes, it can become quite frustrating when signing up to a new dating site more casual like the two we’ve presented here, as you’ll start to receive many messages and it can seem a bit overwhelming. The truth is that when it comes to more open-minded dating sites, you’ve got to make sure that you’ve properly looked at the profile in order to avoid getting in touch with fake profiles.

With a bit of practice, it becomes quite easy. You start your search by filtering all your preferences, then you get in touch with the profile you’ve liked, and you’ll easily see in your conversation with the potential match if that person is genuinely looking for the same thing as you.

Once you’ve mastered that step, casual dating can become your best hobby!

We encourage you to try C-Date and Loveaholics if you’re looking for something more than just romance!

Enter into the world of intimate encounters and local dates!